How to create a blog post your audience will love


After nearly 5 years of blogging as a hobby over at Read and Seek, I’ve picked up a thing or two and learned a ton of lessons along the way.

However, something I realized pretty quickly when I started Polished Pages, is that blogging for business is a whole other ball game compared to blogging as a hobby.

When you’re blogging for business you need to offer quality content to your audience that provides them with value. Each time you hit the ‘publish’ button, you need to be sure that what you are posting will benefit your readers. People are tired of fuzz and fluff - I know I am!

When I read a blog post I want substance. I want no-nonsense, honest content that is trustworthy and genuinely helpful, and it should be presented in a way that makes me feel comfortable; especially if it’s packed with information.

But, how exactly does one do this?

I’ve been asking myself this question for months!

Feeling overwhelmed and hopelessly clueless, I decided to take a step back so that I can evaluate my own experiences and extract the lessons I’ve learned.

Today I’d like to share some of them with you, and take you through 5 things that makes a blog post great:

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1. Helpful, honest, and actionable tips to solve a specific problem

Personally, I am drawn to blog posts that offer actionable, step-by-step tips on how to solve a specific problem I’m having. If a blog offers tons of tutorials and ‘how to’ posts, then you’ll find me there because I value content that educates me.

By teaching your readers something new, you build up their trust in you which is exactly what any business owner wants. An audience that trusts you is an audience that will invest their time and money in you - and let’s be real, we all want that!

However, if there’s one thing I value more than helpful tips, then it’s honesty. Nothing breaks my trust online more than empty words and content that holds no value. If a title catches my eye because it ticks all my boxes of what I’m looking for, and the blog post does not deliver, then I won’t return to that site anytime soon!

2. A clear title that tells the reader exactly what they can expect

We live in the digital age; where everything is fast paced and instant. Internet users want clear, easily accessible information that can be absorbed in a matter of seconds.

If your blog post title does not entice your readers to click on the “read now” button then you are in serious trouble!

The title of your post needs to be short, clear, and eye catching enough to get people to stop scrolling the instant they see your post.

To do this, you need to know exactly what your audience’s pain points are so that you can craft your content (and title) around this problem you plan to solve for them.

3. On-brand graphics that are easy on the eye (in other words: they need to look incredible!)

Don’t be mistaken - your blog should not be all about the looks, because as I mentioned above, people want strong content that gives them great value.

But, Internet users are drawn to imagery, so if your visuals suck the chance of your post being read are pretty slim (pun intended!)

Whether you plan on DIYing your graphics, hiring a designer to create custom brand graphics for you, or if you intend to use pre-made templates; the fact is this: YOU NEED BEAUTIFUL, EYE CATCHING IMAGES FOR YOUR BLOG POST TO BE SEEN AND LOVED!

If you’re in need of some ready made Canva Templates to help you promote your content in style, visit the templates shop and have a look at the collections available:

4. Offer a valuable content upgrade, or opt in, that ties in with your blog post

Everyone loves free stuff. But when it comes to giving things away on your business blog, you need to be strategic about it. There is a fine line between offering real value, and giving too much away; you need to find a balance - something I recently learned from the Opt In Queen, Vanessa Ryan.

But before you consider how much (or how little) you need to give away, it’s vital that you determine what it is you’re actually going to be offering your audience.

When it comes to content upgrades, it’s important to have an opt in relevant to the blog post you publish. If your opt in is something completely unrelated to the content of your post, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

To find the perfect opt in, you either need to:

  • Create your content, set up your posts, and then find an opt in to support this content.


  • Make an opt in you know your audience will love, and then go about creating content around this opt in.

Not the creative type? Vanessa Ryan has an a stunning range of templates you could use to create your next opt in. She also regularly gives away beautiful templates to her subscribers, along with everything to know about opt in marketing! *this is an affiliate link.

5. Write posts focused on what your audience is interested in

When it comes to blogging for business, it is very important that you are in tune with your audience and their interests, so you can create the kind of content they’d want to read.

Example, I’m a new Mum. And if you take a peak at my Instagram, or if you’re subscribed to my email list, then you’d know that I love chatting about my parenting journey. This is something my audience can relate to, since my community is filled with mothers who are running their own businesses. It’s a way for me to connect with them. However, this kind of content may not appeal to someone whose not interested in #mompreneurlife - and I absolutely respect that.

The content I choose to focus on helps me niche down and target a very specific audience, people who I’d like to attract to be a part of my growing community. And in doing so, I can continue publishing content I enjoy creating while focusing on topics my audience loves.

Blogging for business should always be about your audience, their needs, and their interests; otherwise no one will want to stop by for a read. And once you find that sweet spot of where their interests and your passion meet, you’ll have the perfect content to start posting to your online spaces.

Now, all you need to focus on is streamlining the blog post process and designing stunning graphics to attract your people to the superb content you’ve created!

A winning recipe for a blog post your audience will love!