I’m Nihaad, the Mompreneur, designer, and social media content creator behind Polished Pages!

This is a picture of me at 31 weeks pregnant with my first born. The reason I love sharing this particular photograph is because this little man we’ve been blessed with has been the driving force behind Polished Pages.

This tiny, innocent baby bundle is what gave me the push I needed to follow my dreams and stop doubting myself. Without even knowing it, he gave me the motivation to take charge and build a life where I can savor the precious moments that passes by way too quickly

I love posting THIS picture because one day I want to point at it and tell him that he gave me hope in more ways he could possibly know; and for that reason alone I’m eternally grateful for him.


I am a Civil Engineering graduate from Cape Town who worked a whopping two years in industry before finally admitting that I'm just not interested in the corporate world. 

While going through the process of accepting this reality, I started a blog to help me find my calling; and since reading’s always been a constant in my life, it felt fitting to blog about books. Following my passion has lead to some incredible opportunities that I wouldn’t have explored otherwise, and now I want to help others out there accomplish the same thing.

I help small, creative businesses grow AUTHENTIC spaces for their online communities.

The internet has been an incredible source of inspiration, support, and possibility for me; which is why Polished Pages aims to help you start and grow your own online presence so that you can follow your passion too. 

Browse the variety of services we offer, all catered for the busy lady boss who wants to get back to doing what she loves.